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What the Trump Presidency Means for Immigrants

Donald Trump’s election as the next President of the United States resulted in a flood of questions and concerns from my clients … and nearly everyone I know.

People are concerned and afraid. They are worried about what will happen to their immigration status because of all the anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the president-elect.

These concerns are valid, but we all have to remember that nothing has ever stopped people from immigrating to the United States.

“To actually realize this plan, Trump would have to amend the Constitution.”

My grandfather was from China, and he left his homeland in the early 1940s to search for a better life. He landed in Nicaragua. People come to the U.S. because we are the land of the free and the land of hope.

Throughout this country’s history, many politicians have tried to keep certain groups of people from coming in, but the diversifying force of America has always prevailed. We are, and always will be, a country of immigrants. We will continuously fight for justice and progress. No single president can change that.

Donald Trump has said that he wants to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.It is important to know that no one branch has the power to execute such orders without facing a major national pushback.

Trump’s mass-deportation plan, the way he describes it, would take about 20 years to implement and would cost roughly $500 billion.

He has also advocating for the removal of birthright citizenship, which is protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. To actually realize this plan, Trump would have to amend the Constitution.

Despite the fact that many of his campaign promises regarding immigration are infeasible because of our system of checks and balances, there are some changes in policy that could affect you in the coming years.

“Foreign-worker programs will be modified so they can’t be used to replace American workers.”

Mark Krikorian, the executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies, told Reuters he predicts “a Trump administration will restart routine immigration enforcement. This is a major change from the Obama policy of ignoring most non-violent immigration offenders.”

Krikorian also believes we will see “more border fencing, penalizing crooked businesses, and implementing a check-out system for foreign visitors to prevent overstays,” which he believes is the main source of new illegal immigration.

“Regarding legal immigration,” says Krikorian, “refugee resettlement from the Middle East is likely to be suspended, pending a bottom-up review of the system. Foreign-worker programs will be modified so they can’t be used to replace American workers, as now. And over the longer term, our legal immigration system is likely to be shifted from its emphasis on family ties to one that focuses on skills.”

Although it is difficult to predict exactly how the Trump presidency will play out, one thing is certain, people are scared. However, as in any transition of power, it is best to be prepared.

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