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Immigration Inquiry: Know Your Rights

Routine inquiries with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were, up until the previous administration, just that. Undocumented individuals who are not a priority for deportation were given the discretion of officers so they may focus on those with criminal histories.

Per an executive order by the new administration passed in January 2017, the focus of the department in charge of deportation changed, defining the presence of an undocumented person in the country as a criminal act.

It is advisable to resolve any possible issues before a judge or other officials, prior to immigration inquiries. There is now an increased chance of detention and/or deportation under the Trump administration, as priorities are now much different than before. The broadly defined scope of the executive order, coupled with policies varying between offices, leaves little room for legal discretion. It is critical to seek the advice of an attorney to know your rights.

Prior to inquiries:

  • Make sure your documents are organized, and accessible by family or close friends should you be detained.
  • Create a contingency plan for children and dependents in case of emergency.
  • Consult a lawyer or firm to determine the best course of action.

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