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How to Find a Good Immigration Attorney

Now more than ever, it is critical that if you need an immigration attorney, you hire someone who is the right fit for your situation. Immigration law is complex and has dire consequences if there is a mistake. A person with a winnable case could be deported because of a missed deadline, or a form unfiled. Finding a good immigration attorney can seem like a difficult process, but there are steps to take to find an immigration attorney for your needs.

Do your research

Not all immigration attorneys are the same, and there is a difference in the quality of service you will get. There is a difference between preparing documents and performing legal services. Knowing the difference will save you time, energy, and heartache. Some people claim to be legal professionals, but may not be a licensed attorney. Search for potential attorneys’ Florida bar profiles and make sure they have no disciplinary history.

Consult and compare

Depending on your circumstances, you may be working with your lawyer anywhere from six months to ten years. See what qualities they have, and find someone who will be compassionate and will care about you and your family’s needs.

Trust your instincts

There are red flags you may be able to notice right away. If they say they can guarantee results, solicit you in a public place, or demand payment before a consultation, they may not be the attorney for you. If something does not feel right, trust your instincts.

Hire an expert

Immigration law is complex. Often, people may want to hire an attorney they know who may not be in the field of immigration law. An attorney not committed to immigration law may not understand the nuances in a complex area of law. Experience does not always equate to results, but quality experience in a field as specialized as immigration law could make the difference in your case.

As an immigrant myself, I understand navigating through the immigration process can be a scary experience for you or your family. It is important to go through the process correctly, and have someone at your side to guide you on your way home. Immigration law is changing rapidly due to the Trump administration, and may only get more complicated.

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