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Updates Regarding the DACA Program

The Trump administration and some states are attacking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as the DACA program. Recently, Texas and eight other states filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the DACA program and declare it illegal.

However, Andrew S. Hanen, a federal judge who sits on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas denied the request. Accordingly, theprevious order remains in effect and DACA renewals may continue until further notice. Although new applications are not accepted, renewing them is, and you should do so soon. Do not wait.

Now, with the recent ruling in Texas, it is important to take the time and renew your application. In his ruling, Judge Hanen said he believed the program would not survive scrutiny in the long term. He did also say “DACA is a popular program and one that Congress should consider saving.”

Congress must act and protect dreamers, their refusal to act is what has led us to this point. Until then you should not hesitate to renew. Theeffects of DACA deportations on the U.S. economy would be serious and felt throughout our community. Rescinding DACA would have damaging effects on the economy. It could lose between $280 billion to $430 billion over the next 10 years.

The Obama administration implemented DACA in August 2012. It allows immigrants who entered the United States as children to remain here for school or work under certain conditions. Last year, the Trump administration announced plans to end DACA. So far the administration has had limited success.

Those children did not choose to come here on their own. Their parents brought them here. It would be morally wrong to punish these kids for a choice they did not make. They contribute to our society, they pay taxes, they start businesses.

It is crucial that you renew your DACA status as soon as possible. This administration and other states are actively working to end this important program. Seek an experienced and prepared immigration attorney to help you.

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