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Boycotts and Mass Deportation: Florida Immigration Updates

Governor Ron DeSantis is working on his plan to take back Florida and push back against the Biden Administration’s immigration policies. Recently, the Governor has proposed million-dollar mass deportation plans and boycotts of contractors who employ migrant workers. Here’s what you should know.

Mass Deportation

In a press conference on December 13, 2021, Gov. DeSantis told journalists that he had earmarked over $8 million to transport illegal immigrants out of Florida. He said that he included the money in the budget to remove illegal immigrants.

This news comes after an executive order giving law enforcement permission to gather information about illegal immigrants brought to Florida by the federal government. The purpose of the executive order is to gain intelligence related to alleged illegal immigrants so the state can have grounds to remove them.

Constitutional Concerns

Gov. DeSantis’ anti-immigration policy overextends his reach as a governor. Not only is the alleged $8 million cause for concern, but it also represents a challenge to the Constitution. Immigration is a federal issue handled by federal agents. State officials and local law enforcement can only uphold existing federal laws related to immigration enforcement.

DeSantis also publicizes these plans as if they’ve already happened, but the state legislature will have to take a vote on the budget and any other proposals when they reconvene in 2022.


Governor DeSantis announced on Monday, December 13, 2021, that he is seeking to pass a law that would penalize private contractors who work with the Biden Administration to allow immigrants to work in Florida.

In his announcement, DeSantis said,

We are going to pass legislation that says if you are facilitating Biden’s policies – which is effectively a mass human smuggling operation – you are not going to be able to do business with the state of Florida or other local governments.”

A Word From Safety Czar Larry Keefe

In support of the Governor’s announcements, newly elected public safety czar, Larry Keefe, points to statistics on immigration to the state. According to Keefe, at least 36 passengers on every flight from border facilities are illegal immigrants sent to Florida by President Biden.

These statistics are not verified, but there have been reports of the administration flying migrants from Texas to New York to be reunited with their families or guardians.


These are not the only anti-immigration proposals from the Governor, and they certainly won’t be the last. The motivation for these policies on a surface level is public safety. For DeSantis, illegal immigrants pose a real threat to public safety and security for Floridians.

On a deeper level, Governor DeSantis and many others in the Florida legislature fear immigration, especially from the southern border and the Middle East. They are afraid of the future and take steps to stop their fears from coming true.

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