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DeSantis Opposes Influx of Immigrants at Southern Border

Governor Ron DeSantis announced actions against the Biden Administration’s immigration efforts. Here’s what you should know.

The Border Crisis

The news release from the Governor cites a border crisis that threatens public safety. For DeSantis, this means the influx of millions of immigrants into the country. However, there are more widespread concerns related to the “border crisis.”

For example, earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of Haitian migrants fled South America and attempted to enter the U.S. at a border crossing near the Rio Grande. The President also formally withdrew troops from Afghanistan, which triggered mass migration out of the Middle East to safer ground in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Then, the Taliban announced their takeover of Kabul, which forced thousands more to flee the country in search of safety.

For Gov. DeSantis and others, these complications are yet another strike against the Biden administration and the immigration system as a whole.

DeSantis’ Proposal

The Governor and Larry Keefe, a former U.S. Attorney, are working together to stop illegal immigration into Florida. According to the Governor, Biden’s “catch and release” policy violates federal immigration law.

Essentially the catch and release policy refers to the process of apprehending immigrants and releasing them on the Mexican side of the border. This does not mean that those captured don’t face penalties. In general, anyone released over the border will be monitored by immigration agents and tracked with an ankle monitor or some other tracking device.

DeSantis sees this policy as a weak attempt to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States. According to the news release, many people who were released have returned seemingly without consequence – something DeSantis hopes to remedy.

To combat Biden’s immigration system, Gov. DeSantis will appoint former U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe to the office of Public Safety Czar. Keefe’s duty will be to ensure that any changes to policy, particularly immigration policy, are implemented successfully.


This proposal is the culmination of a years-long fight against illegal immigration to Florida. The number of border crossings is the highest they’ve been in over 20 years, and the Governor is concerned about implications for taxpayers.

While it’s a tough take on immigration, Florida is one of the few states that truly bears the brunt of immigration crises over the years. Larry Keefe said, “As a former U.S. Attorney, I saw illegal aliens that would get deported and come back in an endless cycle […].”


It’s too early to tell what this policy will do to stop illegal immigration or how it will affect immigrants living and working peacefully in Florida. The best thing they can do is ensure that their immigration status is current and protected or face swift action from the Governor himself.

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