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Dual Citizenship

The United States recognizes dual citizenship. To be a dual citizen means you are a citizen of two countries at the same time. Dual citizens owe their allegiance to both the United States and a second home country, and are required to obey the laws and policies of both countries. A

However, while the U.S. allows its citizens the right to claim dual nationality, each country has its own nationality laws based on its own policies. Some nations place restrictions on citizens acquiring dual citizenship, and some nations don’t allow dual citizenship at all. Contact your embassy to learn about that nation’s laws regarding dual citizenship and seek the guidance of an immigration attorney.

Gaining citizenship to the United States can be confusing, complex, and time consuming to anyone unfamiliar with the U.S. legal system. With over 15 years of experience, Orlando Immigration Lawyer Henry Lim can assist you with all of your U.S. citizenship law questions.



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