What Made You Decide to Become an Immigration Attorney?

“I became an immigration attorney for various reasons. My family and I are immigrants, so I know what it’s like to go through this process. The first memories that I have are of war. I lived in Nicaragua for when I was born and we lived there through my early childhood. And I remember leaving my house to go to a war shelter. I remember coming back to my house with bullet holes in my front door on the front wall of my house. I remember having to burn books and bury the ashes because it could be considered propaganda material by the opposing side. I remember holding onto my mom and my little brother while there were shootings going on in my neighborhood. I remember having to be placed in the shower because it was the safest room to be in while the two warring factions were shooting at each other. So we came to the United States and we had to undergo the immigration process and it took over 14 years for my family to resolve our immigration process. So I understand what it’s like to go through that process, and I understand the fears that people have, and I understand how many different attorneys prey on these fears. So, I knew I wanted to become an attorney, but in high school, I didn’t know precisely what type of attorney I wanted to be. I became involved with mock trials in high school and I got that itch to become an attorney. I went to law school, and while in law school, that was always something in the back of my mind. So, I became involved with organizations such as The Florida Immigration Advocacy Center, I became a volunteer under the Haitian Refugee Project at the time, and I also volunteered at the Chrome Detention Center in Miami. And that is something that was special to me. It was very special to me to be able to help people in something that would affect the rest of their lives, and it’s something that still affects me today, 15 years later. That’s why I practice immigration law.”